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  • Warm Light Industrial Style Console Table
    Warm Light Industrial Style Console Table

    Do you feel that the industrial style is too rough?You can choose this light industrial style console table!The warm tones of wood, in the light of the sunset, have a slight industrialization, and a faint sense of comfort.It has two drawers, can put keys, sunglasses, handkerchiefs or other essential items, which can save you a lot of time and allow you to find what you want soon. It's worth mentioning that it also has one or more open spaces where you can place a lot of things to show with your personal collection, and it's conceivable that it will be your best storage assistant.This console table, which delicate wheels with brakes can be moved in any wide space at home, allowing you to change your placement anytime, anywhere. More particularly, we also added an iron frame to the edge of the table, using imitation metal edge sealing technology, to enhance its protection, so that its table corner is not easy to be hit. It is suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom, study or any art space.

  • Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table
    Grey Metal Frame Coffee Table

    High-quality gray metal frame coffee table, the main feature is the metal pedestal part. The tabletop place uses integrated metal round frame combines with the pedestal. The screw holes under the tabletop can be covered easily when you put the tabletop on so that you won’t discover the screw holes, this is one of our important parts of our design products. The weathered white color wood grain tabletop combines with metal pedestals shows a kind of modern style feeling. This coffee table is easy to assemble and convenient to move, it’s one of the indispensable furniture for your living room. Coffee Table adopts circular wooden desktop, it size is 82.5 diameter x 40.5 high in centimeter. Gray and black metal texture create in round frame, long and vertical table feet, all of element combine into rural industrial wind atmosphere. with make the circle metal frame also produce a depression let wood tope can fit in circle frame and when people moving table the top will not going to slip out. this type design is innovation in this type coffee table. this technique is one of our unique design. In our circle metal frame type of coffee table, we also produce a depression in iron frame, because this feature we let user will not see thought the table side following gap.

  • Dark Teak Retro Side Table
    Dark Teak Retro Side Table

    Aesthetic line styling side table. The deep teak color block exudes a nostalgic smell, with black particles on the square dark iron, making the retro style even more perfect. The dark maple leaf color matching, has it remind you of the autumn season? It's time to put down the work at hand and have a leisurely afternoon tea time.It is mainly composed of a trimming side safety slide drawer and an iron frame. The bottom of the iron foot adopts the I-shaped structure, which not only reduces the cost, but also adds a lot to the stability of the product. The depth of the drawer can be adjusted in small amounts according to customer requirements. Other than that, its handle is made of hard leather, on both sides of the handle, aluminum alloy can increase the variable shape of the handle.Perfect for being placed in the living room, bedroom, hallway for you to enjoy!

  • V Shape Iron Foot Stool Wooden Veneer Side Table
    V Shape Iron Foot Stool Wooden Veneer Side Table

    Simple style and v shape metal pedestal. Woody color round tabletop, adopt the PVC paste skin technology, through the hot up the principle of cold shrinkage, the formation of paste the perfect cover, with the basis of waterproof pest control capacity. tabletop and iron frame gap symmetry, the table was v-shaped.This product is small volume, easy packing, easy assembly, low cost in the transport packaging. Lightweight design is effortless when moving. Metal frame in the process of the pursuit of circular metal processing, in the appearance of the perfect round to achieve the perfect ratio.It also has a feature that the side table color is just right, which won't be too dark or too bright, so it's not easy to get dirty. Suitable for placing at the head of the bed, next to the sofa, and even on the tabletop to place the milk is also looks very good. Little common sense, a glass of milk before bed, to help you sleep well to the dawn!

  • Sandwiched TV Stand
    Sandwiched TV Stand

    The design on the right side of the top panel and drawer is unique, and some wide positions are reserved compared to other integrated forming TV stand. The middle mezzanine can be equipped with DVD players, books and magazines, and there is a large space on the right to place devices such as speakers, game consoles and other 3C products. In addition to the storage function of the drawer, the handle is shaped with an arc, allowing the finger sticker and handle to pull out the drawer quickly and easily. TV stand bracket using fog metal iron frame, "ㄇ" type as the main bracket, on both sides and "L" type box as auxiliary bracket, connected together, so that the TV stand body more stable and durable. The overall neat style and modern lines, so that the TV stand to create a suspended visual effect, looks very light.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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