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  • Modern Rose Gold Round Side Table
    Modern Rose Gold Round Side Table

    Tempered glass desktop paired with metal feet, safety upgrade. We follow the trend of the times, with the rose gold mainstream color matching with the round side table, so that the current modern people love it. Thanks to its succinct and stylish appearance, it enhances the elegance of the living space. High quality match with black glass tabletop and rose gold frame, 2-color perfect combination. Low profile and fashionable style with living decoration blends well together.Endurance aspects, we design the base as an X-shaped metal foot can be firmly supported, so you can rest assured to put things on tabletop. The metal part also passed the processing, the surface is smooth to avoid slashing. You can no longer worry about children accidentally cutting when they play or the hassle of cutting when you assemble.This side table is small and lightweight, good to move. Do not take up space, so good placement. Even if you want to send resale, it is also very convenient!

  • Modern Round Glass Side Table
    Modern Round Glass Side Table

    Simple fashionable gold side table. Think outside the box of the previous design concept, not use wood, take with bright colors and glass material, so that the product looks more artistic. Side table uses tempered glass and metal to make. The glass has special processing to make the smooth edge, except for avoid injury.Our hidden hardware makes the assemble easily, round design and clean tabletop so that people do not have mental stress, every day can maintain a good mood!And the side table itself is lightweight, good to move, you can follow your own mood, let it place to different place.Its good styling design can be matched with a variety of color choices, showing a unique charm of life. You can choose to enjoy and relax on the sofa to do anything. With its accompany, can let your mood every day colorful!

  • Five Layer Toughened Glass Lockers
    Five Layer Toughened Glass Lockers

    Dark texture five-storey storage cabinet This storage cabinet designed five drawers, providing a considerable storage space, simple and generous design, the above two layers using tempered glass, the following use of wooden panels as the appearance of drawers, so that the overall look more layered, coupled with silver handle embellishment, looks more chic, the bottom of the cupboard using metal as a corner seat, Improve the texture of the cupboard, it is not easy to scratch the wood plate, and long and wide about 40CM, will not occupy too much space, can be placed in the corner of the home. This product is not only practical high, the appearance is also quite exquisite, whether it is the storage of clothing, or living small things, are a good choice, and there are five layers can easily classify items, so that the environment in the home more neat.

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