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  • Warm Light Industrial Style Console Table
    Warm Light Industrial Style Console Table

    Do you feel that the industrial style is too rough?You can choose this light industrial style console table!The warm tones of wood, in the light of the sunset, have a slight industrialization, and a faint sense of comfort.It has two drawers, can put keys, sunglasses, handkerchiefs or other essential items, which can save you a lot of time and allow you to find what you want soon. It's worth mentioning that it also has one or more open spaces where you can place a lot of things to show with your personal collection, and it's conceivable that it will be your best storage assistant.This console table, which delicate wheels with brakes can be moved in any wide space at home, allowing you to change your placement anytime, anywhere. More particularly, we also added an iron frame to the edge of the table, using imitation metal edge sealing technology, to enhance its protection, so that its table corner is not easy to be hit. It is suitable to be placed in the living room, bedroom, study or any art space.

  • Vintage Walnut Coffee Table
    Vintage Walnut Coffee Table

    Industrial Retro styling coffee table. The coffee table is made of 120CM*60CM, with a long, flat desktop, and the overall coffee table is completed by mahogany grain wood skin.In the middle of it is a two storage open spaces for you to put into the usual reading newspapers and magazines. The design is also for convenience as a prerequisite, in the front and back of the table, the use of front and rear open design, so that you can quickly pick up the items you need. Would you like to think of such a huge table, it would be very inconvenient to tidy up? Don't worry, we designed five wheels at the bottom of the table and let you move at will!This coffee table has an industrial style and retro style of the combination of elements, streamlined shape, to provide a beautiful, high-texture appearance. Perfect for placing in the living room!

  • Country Style Mobile Coffee Table
    Country Style Mobile Coffee Table

    Mobile Large storage coffee table This coffee table features a 80cm*80cm square desktop, with light drifting wood skin, making people feel comfortable and warm. There is a groove in the middle of the table, attached to the exclusive box, groove up can be placed, the inverted cover and the desktop become a plane, the table on all sides have a large storage space, can be included in the household supplies. Under the table, four brake wheels instead of table feet, paired with the side of the table handle design, so that people can easily move it. The light-colored table body, and part of the basket empty design, make the table as a whole look a lot lighter. Not only does this table subvert the design of the past, but there is no doubt about its quality or practicality, and if you have certain requirements for the quality of your life, this coffee table will be one of your ideal choices.

  • Industrial-Style Mobile Coffee Table
    Industrial-Style Mobile Coffee Table

    Mobile industrial-style coffee table This coffee table 119* wide 60* 44 is not only spacious and flat, but also uses a black frame and rivets to create an industrial wind texture and make the overall feeling more stable. The left and right sides of the table have storage space, coupled with the flip door to increase privacy, the coffee table under the wheel instead of the traditional table feet, so that the coffee table can be more easily moved at home, in the middle of the table divided into two layers of storage, can put away the clutter in daily life, whether in coffee, chat, reading and so on is indispensable to the coffee table, the use of this table can more appreciate its convenience and appreciate the beauty of industrial style.This product uses laminating technology, so that the composite material to achieve a higher strength, stability, sound insulation, appearance.

  • Easy Move Large-Capacity Bookcase
    Easy Move Large-Capacity Bookcase

    Vintage walnut paper laminate 4 layers bookcase. The bookcase is 80 cm Wide x 73 cm Deep x 168 cm High. Innovative and lively modern design, plus delicate wood grain , shows low-key luxury. This bookcase with wheels, high activity, it can be a mobile cart and suitable for library and office. Large capacity open shelf for model collection let toy you loved has it place. Even greater You can share your favorite collection with your friends in the same time. The bottom can store a commemorative doll box. It is not just book case also a display case or bookcase.

  • Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest
    Light Industrial Style Rivet Drawer Chest

    5 layers storage cabinet plus metal edge banding rivet skill. This box shape Light industrial style rivet drawer chest is divided into 5 layers storage cabinet and design a fillister to pull out the drawer. Also apply the plate shape to increase the streamline. The professional metal edge banding skill with rivet decoration builds the key element that the industrial style never rotten. The bottom of the box attached delicate wheels so that you can move anywhere at home.

  • 5 layers storage cabinet with wooden veneer style
    5 layers storage cabinet with wooden veneer style

    Wood quality paper laminate storage cabinet . The five drawers chest size is 79.5 cm wide x 41 cm deep x 129 cm high. Do you want to have your own fashion with industrial style taste? Also you feel that the industrial style is too rough? Then you can choose this light industrial style console table. Warm color of wood and elegant wood with dark metal frame, showing contrast visual effects and highlights the rate of industrial style , but without losing the warmth. It has large storage space of five drawers, you can put spring, summer, autumn and winter clothes. It also has safety rails, when pulling the drawer, do not worry about the drawer falling again. Delicate wheel with brake can move in any space in home.

  • Simple Ten-Grid Wine Rack (Buffet Table)
    Simple Ten-Grid Wine Rack (Buffet Table)

    The best choice for collecting wine rack. Simple ten-grid wine rack (Buffet Table) combined with the functions needed in life, all combined in the Buffet Table inside. Ten bottles of wine can be placed on the left and right sides. The safe side storage design allows the bottle not to drop. The glass can be suspended in the middle. It is simple and convenient. The storage space below provides the design of the door so that you can Put something a little more out of the way, we also provided the wheel design so that you can easily move around at home. We are looking for agents who are interested in us throughout the world. Welcome to contact us.

  • Wooden Wine Cabinet
    Wooden Wine Cabinet

    Exquisite wine rack. Wine Rack size is 120 cm wide x 40 cm deep x 91 cm high. Beautiful appearance curve, with the wood on the dark lines, so that wine cabinet looks extravagant. And delicate workmanship, to meet the various needs of consumers, so that you cherish the precious wine can be to the perfect preservation, and even high-caliber glass, wine and other equipment have done a storage space, is a very perfect design. Wine cabinet is also intimating to install the wheels, can be flexible to move to any location, for a senior restaurant or favorite wine tasting you are very appropriate. Do not miss gorgeous wine cabinet!

  • Industrial Wind Mobile Shoes Cabinet
    Industrial Wind Mobile Shoes Cabinet

    Industrial wind mobile shoes cabinet is made of plastic-laminated board (particle board), which is hard to deform and is attached to the surface of wood. The front door is not the same as usual. The middle hollowed out is fitted with a metal net, mainly to allow the air circulation inside the cabinet, but also can see inside the thing. The design has the wheel to be able to change the position randomly, and when moving will also be easier.The whole design is decorated with retro walnut color. The metal net on the door, the wheel with the bottom plate, is the atmosphere that evokes the industrial wind. The classic box design creates a maximum storage space.Mesh doors are also needed to fit the shoe cabinets. Five shelves can put a lot of shoes, if you want to put other things can be, just adjust the shelves for extra-large goods to create more space. The top of the cabinet is spacious enough to place photo frames, table lamps or indoor plants. This product is a multi-purpose display cabinet.

  • Fashion Multi-Space Filing Cabinets
    Fashion Multi-Space Filing Cabinets

    Fashion File Drawer Cabinets This product is based on the rectangular type of design, and in the corner on the outside of the use of rounded corners, looks more sleek, not so square boring, not only let the cupboard more shape, but also less difficult to crash the lack of angle. At the top of the open place, you can put books and magazines here, the next two floors are drawers, the upper layer can place office items, the lower drawer on both sides of the bar can put large folders into, can also lock the drawer up, can protect important documents; The bottom of the cupboard is equipped with wheels for easy movement. This filing cabinet, not only suitable for use in the office, but also at home in the study to occupy a place, both stylish and convenient, for office, reading indispensable good helper.

  • White Simple Mobile Wardrobe
    White Simple Mobile Wardrobe

    Semi-open minimalist wardrobe The wardrobe is semi-open and uses white to make the whole look bright and refreshing; a full-body mirror is installed on the left side of the wardrobe, allowing you to confirm that your costume is complete before you go out, and that the mirror is a door with six storage spaces, whether it's a winter sweater, a summer skirt or a small item of life, cosmetics, etc. Can be easily classified, there is a bar above the right, can put the coat, shirt neatly hanging up, the bottom can put shoes or boxes, bags, wardrobe base using wheels, so that people can easily move it. This product is very suitable for a person's small apartment, or children's room and so on, not only good storage, mobile also effortless, if interested in this product welcome to contact us.

  • Light Walnut Mobile Wardrobe
    Light Walnut Mobile Wardrobe

    Mobile Wardrobe fitted with crossbar This wardrobe to model L0090502 as the basis for design, the same use of semi-open, full-body mirror, 6-grid storage space, high maneuverability wheel design, hook not only one is not less, but also in the hanging place below the addition of square space, square space above the bar, can be trousers, long skirts, scarves, shawls and so on, Fold on top, the other side of the whole body mirror, also increased the hook, can be hung clothes classification, more intimate design, so that the wardrobe is no longer so messy. This product is very suitable for a person's small apartment, or children's room and so on, not only good storage, wardrobe as a whole does not take up space, mobile is also effortless, if interested in this product welcome to contact us.

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