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Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

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  • Black And White Square Coffee Table
    Black And White Square Coffee Table

    This living room table is made up of black board and whait board. Black and white perfect ratio of integration, it looks both stylish and momentum, heavy color to make the chassis solid, whether at home or office space can show a calm and restrained beauty, Its most powerful place is like a storage machine, white desktop can be left to open more than half of the distance, to the perfect storage of various household items, and the right black drawer has the same deep space to load, not only eye-catching appearance, practicality is more powerful. It is not just a table in life, it is even a art, add fun and quality in your life. From transitional to traditional styles, this black and white is the fusion of fashion eternal classic. "Slicethinner Furniture Company" competent and skilled employees work alongside designers to help create custom-designed furniture solutions and realize individual or unique requirements of its clients.

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