Conduct quality control & warranty service?

Slicethinner was founded in 1960. It is mainly OEM flat furniture. Today, Slicethinner has become a professional DIY furniture manufacturer in Taiwan from design to processing. We are also committed to developing products for our customers while still providing consistent quality and exporting to the world. Slicethinner is definitely a recognized brand of all furniture distribution channels, a trusted partner and supplier. As an expert in the production of modular furniture, our long-term experience has enabled us to have many highly qualified managers, senior engineers, production technicians and well-trained teams.

Conduct quality control & warranty service?

How do we perform quality control?

Basically, our quality control is inspected, and quality control is usually done. When employees are trained, we will teach newcomers how to implement quality control to achieve standardized production. Inspection is first followed by quality inspection. When it is confirmed, it can be assembled. When it is delivered to the packaging line, it will do FQA (Finished Product Quality Assurance) on behalf of the customer, so there will be two assembly in total. Unpack the large goods before the goods, similar to the way customers check the goods from the beginning to the end, spread out everything from the unpacking and the hardware package, put them together and take photos to inspect them.

There are three ways of inspection, customers can choose:
1. Inspect the factory
2. sent to you
3. Take a picture or video

Then we recommend to use video to check the goods, which can save you time and shipping costs. If the customer is really not assured, you can also go to the factory to inspect the goods in person. It is OK to participate in the discussion of product development and the discussion of the finished product. Please check with the third party. We also accept it. You can find it by yourself. We can also find it. We can also help you find it. Or if you receive something different from what you think, we can make corrections until you are satisfied.

What kind of warranty service do you offer?

If you are a long-term customer, we will provide a replacement, but this part still needs the customer's own expense. Your customer department will know more about how the service consumer uses the product and the product damage caused by accident.

Does the product have a warranty?

If you have any problems during the assembly process, as long as it is our mistake, we will be responsible for correcting the missing, most of the purchase does not require the use of life, because our product replacement rate is quite high, because it is economical Type replacement products usually have a useful life of one year even if there is one.

Can I have my own mark on the product?

We can provide this service, or labeling, but if it is too complicated and needs to open the board, we will consider charging, but the cost will not be too high, basically few people in the furniture industry require branding on the product, usually All are required in the outer box or in the manual.

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